International Institute for Sport History
Library and Museum

The IISOH is a Pennsylvania non-profit, educational, literary and research corporation
under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code and is organized to operate a Library and Museum
devoted to the History of Sport, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, Sport in Art and the Olympic Games.

Donations are tax deductible
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ROCKY #3 Monumental Bronze statue by A. Thomas Schomberg
The first acquisition by the IISOH Museum - funded by this campaign


PURPOSE: to establish a perpetual endowment for the operating budget of the Institute.
The goal is to raise twenty-five million Dollars ($25,000,000) through a unique
fundraising event called THE MILLION DONOR CAMPAIGN.

The IISOH seeks your support!

We ask you for a single donation
of twenty-five Dollars ($25.00)
just once in your lifetime...

from one million (1,000,000) Pennsylvania citizens.

The $25.00 is a once-in-a-lifetime donation
- we do not return and ask for your support again.
We are grateful for your single donation!

We need one million people to participate.

Through widespread support we can develop a perpetual endowment
to fund the daily operations of the IISOH.

These funds will create the OPERATING ENDOWMENT.

This campaign will supplement the ROCKY ACQUISITION
and BOXING ENDOWMENT Campaign that seeks to raise
$3.5 million Dollars used to acquire the monumental
bronze statue of ROCKY #3, one of three copies that were
made for Sylvestor Stallone's 1980 movie "ROCKY III."

Read more about the ROCKY #3 acquisition here.

Be one in a million!
Be part of the legacy.


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Your donation is a legacy!

In return for your support you will receive a


invite two friends or colleagues to make a donation,
Only through this exponential route can the IISOH get
one million people involved in this campaign.

Naming Opportunity

This is a naming opportunity for the OPERATING ENDOWMENT.
With a minimum donation of one million Dollars the benefactor
can have a lifetime legacy by naming this endowment, with
the approval of the IISOH Board of Directors.

For example:

The XYZ corporation Endowment, or
The Smith Family Endowment.

For more details about the
IISOH endowment program, please click here

Donations are tax deductible
Federal Tax ID# 41-2041155

International Institute for Sport History

The IISOH is unique in North America. It is more than just a Library. It is unique as a Museum.
The Institute is a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation with a focus on sport and all related subjects.
It will be constructed on a large sports campus with multiple facilities,
fields and buildings for every conceivable sport and recreational activity with a few exceptions.
For example -- there will be no facility for sailing or canoeing,
nor mountains for skiing or mountain climbing.

The mission of the library is international in its scope.
The goal is to collect, preserve and protect for posterity every book
that has ever been printed on all sports subjects in every language of the world.
This comprehensive collection will allow researchers to examine the literature
of worldwide sport and its role in the arts and humanities.
In addition the library seeks to collect and preserve journals, magazines,
newspapers and ephemera on sport and sport-related subjects.

The Museum consists of both indoor and outdoor facilities -
all of the sports fields and athletic buildings are part of the museum.
Visitors can study the history of any particular sport and participate in that activity as well.

The IISOH will teach the original 19th century rules of baseball
so that visitors can play games using the 1876 rules,
but they can also play using the most recent rules.

A basketball court will replicate the YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts where the game originated
in the 19th century and players can throw a volleyball into a peach basket.
In the gymnasium down the hall the players can play in a modern,
up-to-date facility using new basketballs.

Visitors can study AND train at this planned facility.

A permanent wing in the museum is dedicated to the ancient Olympic Games while
the only stadium on the campus will be a replica of the ancient stadium at Olympia in Greece.

Naturally, Pennsylvanians will benefit most from this facility but programs will be open to everyone, worldwide.
Think of it in theory as the modern "Olympia" in central Pennsylvania instead of western Greece.

Pennsylvania has 12.5 million people living in 67 counties. Here is a list of Pennsylvania counties and links to their websites.

Children are educated in 501 public school districts. Here is a list of 501 Pennsylvania school districts

Here is a detailed map of Pennsylvania's school districts and Intermediate Units. Pennsylvania School Districts and Intermediate Units

The IISOH office is located in State College, PA., (Centre County). Here are the school districts in Centre County, PA.

Neutral Territory -
like Switzerland
in central Pennsylvania

The IISOH programs will benefit the entire Commonwealth and its citizenry. The planned campus will be designed as a "neutral territory" with no special allegiance to any metropolitan area. In other words, the IISOH serves the entire Commonwealth whether people have an historical allegiance to the eastern part (Philadelphia orientation) or the western part (Pittsburgh orientation).

We seek widespread support for the benefit of everyone. We plan to provide a meeting place that resembles the ancient site of Olympia in Greece. We want people from all parts of the state to travel to us, participate in an event, then go home satisfied with their experience.

The facility will be designed as an educational sports complex with a Library. The entire sports complex is part of the Museum. Our mission emphasizes the three designations of EDUCATIONAL, LITERARY and RESEARCH. The subject matter is focussed on the History of Sport, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, Sport in Art and the Olympic Games.

We were once asked "Is this just another collection of baseball and football cards, memorabilia and autographs?" NO, it is not!

Our collections will include all areas related to these major topics. Sport Law and Sport Medicine are major topics to collect, so we plan to have a comprehensive legal collection as well as a medical collection. Health and nutrition, food safety, dieting and weight control are crucial areas of research, especially in sports such as wrestling and boxing where weight loss is an important aspect. Bodybuilding and fitness are also major aspects. Playground equipment and safety research for playground surfaces; helmet design and safety gear, sports equipment, bicycle design - all part of the mission.

In addition to the Library and Museum there will be a large restaurant with an outdoor cafe, playgrounds, outdoor recreational facilities, life-size chess sets, cycling and jogging path around the perimeter of the campus, Swedish parcours, swimming facilities, and buildings devoted to sports such as wrestling, judo, fencing, volleyball, racquetball, basketball, gymnastics and many other sports.

Under Consideration

Under study by the IISOH is the creation of a private high school for boys, grades 9 through 12, for 600 students to earn a Pennsylvania high school diploma and an International Baccalaureate degree.

The program will be designed as a classical liberal arts education, with emphasis on physical education and specialized sport training. This training is focussed on high level competition with a goal towards elite competition at the university and/or international level in the following sports: gymnastics, wrestling, judo, swimming, diving, track & field/athletics.

In layman's terms: we are considering the creation of a specialized Sport High School. The model is based upon similar successful programs in Austria, Germany, and Finland. The current plan calls for a 12 month curriculum at a boarding school located on the IISOH campus with three semesters of classes. The summer semester would be outside of the United States and include two classes: history and language. All students would be training at European sports clubs and competing in events in their sport in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

This is a long-term project for development and the IISOH invites you to participate.


Cash donations IN ANY AMOUNT are welcome!


___ IN MEMORY OF (lifetime memorial) $25.00

___ IN MEMORY OF (a full page link) $250.00

___ IN HONOR OF (lifetime honorarium) $25.00

___ IN HONOR OF (a full page link) $250.00

___ SUPPORTING Member.... $50

___ BRONZE Member.... $100

___ SILVER Member.... $250

___ GOLD Member.... $500

___ LIFETIME Member.... $1,000
Alternative Donation Categories:

___ Contributor.... $5,000

___ Friend.... $10,000

___ Donor.... $25,000

___ Sponsor.... $50,000

___ Patron.... $100,000

___ Benefactor.... $250,000

___ Naming Opportunities.... $300,000 and up

___ Endowments.... $1,000,000 and up

Download and print our CHARTER MEMBERSHIP brochure (pdf)
Make several copies and share it with your friends.

To see the vast number of subject areas that we seek to endow,
please visit this page

The IISOH is a Pennsylvania Non-profit,
Educational, Literary and Research corporation
under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Donations are tax deductible
Federal Tax ID# 41-2041155

Links to a few other IISOH pages:

Mr. Harvey Abrams, President
International Institute for Sport History
Library & Museum

PO Box 732
State College, PA, USA 16804

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