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International Institute for Sport History
Library & Museum

Incorporated March 19, 2001 in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a non-profit
educational, literary and research corporation under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code
in order to operate a Library and Museum devoted to the History of Sport, Physical Education,
Recreation, Dance, Sport in Art and the Olympic Games.
The Articles of Incorporation were amended in November 2011
in order to reflect a name change of the corporation.

Donations are tax deductible.
Federal Tax ID# 41-2041155

The web page ID number is in the lower left corner of each page (ie: iisoh023).

  • iisoh001 Front page to the IISOH web site

  • iisoh002 Directory - site navigation page You are currently on this page.

  • iisoh003 PRESS RELEASE of MAY 16, 2003

  • iisoh004 ROCKY statue & the Boxing Endowment

  • iisoh005 Public Announcement & Mission Statement - IISOH incorporated March 19, 2001

  • iisoh006 Articles of Incorporation

  • iisoh007 IISOH Bylaws

  • iisoh008 Board of Directors

  • iisoh009 Charter Membership or donate money now!

  • iisoh010 Endowment Program

  • iisoh011 Sports Philanthropy

  • iisoh012 How to Donate Books or Collectibles

  • iisoh013 Donor Acknowledgements

  • iisoh014 Mini ROCKY statue order form

  • iisoh015 ROCKY bust

  • iisoh016 IISOH Library & Museum Building Plans

  • iisoh017 IISOH Archived pages - out of date pages such as old press releases, etc.

  • iisoh018 Press release # 2, February 5, 2004

  • iisoh019 Press release # 3, February 9, 2004

  • iisoh020 Press release # 4, June 1, 2004

  • iisoh021 Subject List for Endowments

  • iisoh022 Ancient Roman Sport & Dance Endowment

  • iisoh023 Archery Endowment

  • iisoh024 Athletics or Track & Field Endowment

  • iisoh025 Baseball Endowment

  • iisoh026 Basketball Endowment

  • iisoh027 Boxing Endowment

  • iisoh028 Fencing Endowment

  • iisoh029 Football Endowment

  • iisoh030 Golf Endowment

  • iisoh031 Gymnastics Endowment

  • iisoh032 Rowing Endowment

  • iisoh033 Soccer Endowment

  • iisoh034 Swimming Endowment

  • iisoh035 Tennis Endowment

  • iisoh036 Water Polo Endowment

  • iisoh037 Wrestling Endowment

  • iisoh038 Yachting Endowment

  • iisoh039 Interns Wanted

  • iisoh040 Make a Donation Online Donation form #1.

  • iisoh041 Donation form - short form
  • iisoh042 Memorial Tribute to IISOH Board member Josiah "Joe" Henson.

  • iisoh043 Million Donor Project Fundraising Form.

  • iisoh044 Contact the IISOH.

  • iisoh045 The Sport in Art Poster Series - Overview

  • iisoh046 Sport in Art Poster Series: GYMNASTICS Poster #1

  • iisoh047 Charter Membership Campaign/Million Donor Campaign

  • iisoh048 About the IISOH - a description of the project


  • iisoh050 ROCKY #3 CAMPAIGN - Donor Categories Incentives & Token Gifts. Page 2 of 3

  • iisoh051 ROCKY #3 CAMPAIGN - Gifts and "Tokens of Thanks" FOR DONOR SUPPORT. Page 3 of 3

  • iisoh052
  • iisoh053
  • iisoh054
  • iisoh055
  • iisoh056
  • iisoh057
  • iisoh058
  • iisoh059
  • iisoh060
  • iisoh061
  • iisoh062
  • iisoh053
  • iisoh054
  • iisoh055
  • iisoh056
  • iisoh057
  • iisoh058
  • iisoh059
  • iisoh060
  • iisoh061
  • iisoh062
  • iisoh063
  • iisoh064
  • iisoh065
  • iisoh066
  • iisoh067
  • iisoh068
  • iisoh069
  • iisoh070
  • iisoh071
  • iisoh072
  • iisoh073
  • iisoh074
  • iisoh075
  • iisoh076
  • iisoh077
  • iisoh078
  • iisoh079
  • iisoh080
  • iisoh081
  • iisoh082
  • iisoh083
  • iisoh084
  • iisoh085
  • iisoh086
  • iisoh087
  • iisoh088
  • iisoh089
  • iisoh090
  • iisoh091
  • iisoh092

  • IISOH Contact Information
    How to Send Donations

      You can write, call, or send an email to ask a question, make a donation or become a CHARTER MEMBER, inquire about internships, etc.
      Mr. Harvey Abrams, President
      c/o Harvey Abrams
      PO Box 732
      State College, PA USA 16804-0175

      Telephone: (814) 321-4018

      payments and other donations
      should be made in US Dollars ($) via:
      • Checks drawn upon a US bank
      • Money Orders
      • CASH via registered mail
      • CASH via the WALMART payment service "RIA"

        Donations can be mailed to either address:

        1. IISOH
        c/o Harvey Abrams, President
        P.O. Box 732
        State College, PA., 16804


        2. IISOH account
        c/o Bank Manager
        First National Bank
        1667 N. Atherton Street Office
        State College, PA. 16803

      • Credit cards - We accept credit cards also - but we have to pay service fees, of course.
        We get almost all of your donation - perhaps 97 percent of it. We are using the STRIPE payment system -
        your credit card information will be going to their secure website, not to us. We will never have your
        credit card details in our records. See the STRIPE privacy policy for information.


        CLICK HERE
        to go to our secure website page -
        to use STRIPE for credit card processing

      ALL donations over twenty-five Dollars ($25.00) will be permanently acknowledged in a manner determined by the Board of Directors. We currently acknowledge donations on our website at this link: Donor Acknowledgements.

      All donations over two hundred-fifty ($250.00) per year will be acknowledged by the IISOH with a formal written receipt in accordance with the rules of the Internal Revenue Service in effect on the date of the donation. You may read the IRS rules at their web site here: Substantiating Charitable Contributions

      International payments via checks & money orders must be drawn upon a US bank in Dollars, and should be computer encoded along the bottom of the check. All bank fees are paid for by the donor.

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