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Help us to develop the WRESTLING Collection!!
Donate Books, posters, art, anything!
become a Charter Member for just $25.00.
In return you receive a LIFETIME acknowledgment!

Cash Donations

The IISOH plans to establish an endowment to support the development of the WRESTLING collection.
A Benefactor can name the endowment with the donation of a minimum of $1 million (one million Dollars). This is a naming opportunity for the benefactor to have a perpetual identification with the sport of WRESTLING. The endowment would be named by the benefactor with the approval of the IISOH Board of Directors. The endowment becomes a permanent trust fund invested by the Institute with only the quarterly earned interest being used for development of the WRESTLING collections in both the Library and Museum. Additional cash donations IN ANY AMOUNT can be made to the WRESTLING endowment at any time in order to enlarge the endowment. Such donations, large and small, are always welcome.

We are seeking widespread public support!

We are very grateful for your financial support just once in your lifetime, so we will never come back to you and ask you to donate again, and again, and again. When you donate $25.00 or more you are designated as a "CHARTER MEMBER: and you will receive a LIFETIME ACKNOWLEDGEMENT on our website and inside the building when it is built. We hope that you will follow the IISOH over the years as we grow and develop. We ask that you invite your friends to do the same! Please share the news about our project with everyone you know.


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Do you prefer to send a check?
Make your check out to "IISOH"
and mail your check to:

IISOH Library & Museum
PO Box 175
State College, PA 16804


(or mail your check directly to our bank:
"To the Account of the IISOH")

Attn: Linda White, Manager
re: IISOH Library & Museum
First National Bank
1667 North Atherton St
State College, PA 16803

For more details about the Institute's comprehensive endowment program, please click here
Endowment Program

Donate Books, Posters & Memorabilia

The IISOH Library and Museum eagerly accepts donations of material that are within the scope of its collections. Collectors are encouraged to donate wrestling books, monographs, theses & dissertations, magazine and subscription collections for the library, as well as medals, pins, torches, posters, graphic art, original artwork and collectibles for the Museum.

The wrestling collection includes amateur wrestling such as the folk-styles in the USA (college, high school) and other nations (Icelandic Glima, Japanese Sumo, British Cumberland & Westmoreland, etc). It also includes the wrestling forms in the ancient and modern Olympic Games, modern professional wrestling (TV & entertainment), and the latest innovations in the sport which includes women in wrestling, MMA beach wrestling and all variations. There are other subject areas that are related to wrestling but have their own endowments such as Karate, Judo and other martial arts. The mission is to develop the most comprehensive, multi-lingual wrestling collection in the world.

LIBRARY donations:

  • Material in ANY language is sought to build our collection, including but not limited to English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Flemish, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Latin, Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbo-Croatian, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Farsi, Sanskrit and dozens of others. The scope of the collection is international and comprehensive.
  • Books
  • Monographs
  • Theses & Dissertations
  • Bound and unbound serials (magazines, journals, etc)
  • Newspapers (hard copies or microfilm)
  • Juvenile literature
  • Dictionaries
  • Encyclopedias
  • Reference books
  • Manuscripts
  • Archives of organizations
  • Original letters of correspondence
  • Maps
  • Ephemera (pamphlets, booklets, folders, flyers, tickets, etc).
  • Miscellaneous items that do not fit into the above categories

    - -

MUSEUM donations:

  • Wrestling Posters
  • Antique Wrestling equipment, such as ancient Greek strigils
  • Statuary in bronze, resin, plaster, terracotta, etc.
  • Paintings, Serigraphs, Drawings, etc.
  • Photographs, prints, negatives, glass plates, etc.
  • Films, movies, videos, dvd's, especially older films in need of archival preservation
  • Music, records, tapes, sheet music
  • Graphics, 16th - 19th century lithographs & prints

  • Wrestling-related medals, awards, trophies
  • Wrestling commemorative medals, participation medals, badges, etc.
  • Wrestling pins
  • Wrestling flags, banners, advertising
  • Wrestling-related memorabilia
  • Philatelic items, stamp collections, illustrated postcards on Wrestling
  • Numismatic items, coins, exonumia with Wrestling themes
  • Uniforms, clothing, textiles, fashions
  • Physical education, recreation and play equipment related to Wrestling
  • Games, especially antique items

These lists are not comprehensive and are limited only by your imagination!
Keep in mind that Wrestling is the oldest known sport in the world. It is an international sport on the amateur level as well as a professional sport. We seek everything, in every language, in order to develop a comprehensive collection. The WRESTLING collection will include the PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING collection which is not a sport, but rather entertainment. Professional wrestling in the late 19th century was real but in the first half of the 20th century it became entertainment. Today it is a very popular television spectacle. wrestling was part of the ancient Olympic Games and is included in the modern Olympic Games. The Institute's long-term goal is to become the most comprehensive collection in the world, so please be generous with your support.

For additional subject areas that we seek, see the list in the SUBJECTS area for endowments.
Go here to see the Subject List

In 2015 we created a YouTube video to promote the sport of amateur wrestling worldwide.
You can watch it here but we want you to go to YouTube and "LIKE" it also! Share it with everyone!
The video/slideshow illustrates a story starting, and ending, in ancient Greece. See if you can understand
the visual story that has music but no text and no dialogue. Watch and enjoy - promote the sport of wrestling!

The IISOH is a Pennsylvania non-profit, educational, literary and research corporation
under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code and is organized to operate a library and museum
devoted to the History of Sport, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, Sport in Art and the Olympic Games.

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Mr. Harvey Abrams, President
International Institute for Sport History
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