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The IISOH is a Pennsylvania non-profit, educational, literary and research corporation
under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code and is organized to operate a Library and Museum
devoted to the History of Sport, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, Sport in Art and the Olympic Games.
Donations are tax deductible
Federal Tax ID# 41-2041155

IISOH Business Advertising Program
Employment Opportunity:
Independent Contractor
Commission Based
Selling advertising at $250.00
for a 3 Year Advertisement

ROCKY #3 Monumental Bronze statue by A. Thomas Schomberg
The first acquisition by the IISOH Museum - partially funded by this campaign

To raise $25,000,000 in advertising revenue

The IISOH is seeking part-time and/or full-time SALES PEOPLE to sell advertising on the Institute's website ( The purpose of the Business Donation and Advertising Campaign is to obtain a single donation of $25.00 from every business in Pennsylvania. There are just under one million businesses in the Commonwealth. The hired sales people DO NOT seek donations - they only sell the advertising upgrade.

The key to this program is the LIFETIME acknowledgement that every donor receives. A single donation of $25.00 gets the donor the perpetual acknowledgement. A higher DONATION of $250 makes the donor's acknowledgement an active link to a dedicated web page with their business information - also as an acknowledgement, but without any offers for goods or services (a valid tax deduction).

HOWEVER, many businesses prefer more than a simple acknowledgement. When an acknowledgement mentions prices, sales or products then it is no longer a tax deductible donation - but it becomes an "advertisement." For the IISOH, a non-profit corporation, the IRS rules make this option "unrelated business income" - we must pay tax on this income, thus this advertising program covers that issue.

See the three Business Donation and Advertising Options on this page:

The IISOH has several different fundraising programs running concurrently to support the Operating Fund, the Sport in Art Poster Series, the Sport & Olympic History pages, the NOC Directory and to develop a variety of endowments.

This BUSINESS ADVERTISING PROGRAM seeks to raise funds via the sale of advertising to almost one million businesses operating in Pennsylvania. At this time the main focus is to solicit advertising within the 67 counties and 501 school districts in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

After we have successfully generated a significant amount of sales within the Commonwealth
we are willing to expand to the entire United States and then worldwide business communities.

The IISOH seeks Fifty (50) Independent Sales People for this project.

We invite you to apply for a sales position if you can meet the following requirements:
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have a passion to hustle and make money for yourself.
  • You must be able to speak in clear and excellent English.
  • You must be well organized in order to maintain notes and documentation of all contacts made.
  • You must be willing to work a minimum of ten (10) hours per week.

This position is ideal for both part-time workers, such as university students, as well as experienced sales persons who are willing to work full-time. Success in sales is dependent upon many factors, but mostly it is the personal effort of the salesperson and their approach to the business owner. Part-time sales should be able to generate at least four sales per week while full-time sales should be able to generate 16 to 20 sales per week. A commission of $50 is paid for each sale, so earning potential is unlimited and dependent upon the number of businesses that you approach.

The Product:

The product is an advertisement placed on the website of the International Institute for Sport History Library & Museum.
The advertisement begins on the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT PAGE on the IISOH website with a lifetime "thank you" to the business. This acknowledgement is a valid link to the business website for a period of three (3) years. The business pays $250.00 for a three year advertisement that is renewable upon their request - we do not automatically renew any advertisement. Instead, we remind the business in the 36th month that their advertisement is ending soon and that they can renew it at a discount of $225.00 if they pay before the last day of the current agreement.

The Payment and Duration:

The cost of placing an advertisement on our website is two-hundred-fifty Dollars ($250.00) for a three year advertisement. The breakdown of the payment is as follows:
  • From the first sale, the original agreement, the IISOH takes $25.00 as a DONATION and establishes the lifetime acknowledgement on the website. At a later date the acknowledgement will ALSO be placed inside the museum entrance in a manner to be determined by the Board of Directors. The business never has to donate again as this acknowledgement is a permanent legacy of their support. This $25.00 is placed into a trust fund for the Operating Endowment.
  • The balance of the payment, two-hundred-twenty-five Dollars ($225.00), pays for the three year (36 months) advertisement.
  • The salesperson commission is fifty Dollars ($ 50.00) per original sale.
  • The IISOH must pay tax on the $250.00 advertising sale, so the Institute does not get to keep all the money. The IRS considers this income to be "unrelated business income" and therefore, taxable.

Details for the Business Owner:
  • During the three year advertising agreement the acknowledgement is an active link to the business's own website. If the business does not have a website then the IISOH will be build a single page web site with information provided by the business, such as photos, logos, prices, etc. We highly encourage the business to have their own, well developed website in order to change as needed for sales, specials, and upcoming events. The IISOH will have no control over the business's own website.
  • Renewal of the advertisement is not automatic after three years. The business may renew their advertisement if they wish to do so. There are no recurring fees. The IISOH will send a notice that the advertisement will be ending soon and invite the business to continue. The original salesperson will have this responsibility unless they are no longer with the program.
  • The renewal rate for an advertisement will be only $225.00 if the business pays within the 36th month of the original ad, so that there is no lapse for the next three years.
  • The Business does not pay for the original acknowledgement ever again.
  • The renewal rate is guaranteed forever if it continuously renewed every three years. Continuous renewal in a timely manner guarantees that the ad rate will not increase over time, even if the IISOH increase rates in the future.

Details for the Salesperson:

  • You would NOT be an employee of the IISOH, but an "independent contractor."
  • This is an nonsalaried position for an Independent Contractor based on commission only.
  • You make $50.00 commission on each $250.00 sale.
  • You are serving as a "salesperson" only and are not, and may not, solicit DONATIONS. (Fundraisers must be registered with the Commonwealth).
  • You must record specific details for each business approached for a sale (to prevent repetitious approaches from other salespersons). A form will be provided for this information after a hiring agreement.
  • You must work a minimum of 10 hours per week or 40 hours per month.
  • Hiring begins with a probationary period of 60 days, after which an agreement to continue can be offered at the sole discretion of the IISOH.
  • All sales reports must be reported on a weekly basis with checks or money orders deposited at the same time directly to the IISOH bank (First National Bank) account.
  • Commissions will be paid on a weekly basis via IISOH bank account check, following the clearing of the sales deposit(s) made to the bank account.
  • Independent Contractors are paid their commission in full. No taxes are withdrawn or reported to the IRS and, therefore, are the sole responsibility of the salesperson.
  • No benefits are offered to the Independent Contractor such as health insurance, travel expenses, etc.
  • The Independent Contractor is free to work whenever they chose to do so and are not under the supervision or control of the IISOH, other than to work the minimum number of hours for the position to succeed at the job.
  • All reports and communications are made to the IISOH President or his assigned agent.
  • As long as you remain in the position continuously for 3 years you may get a second commission of $25.00 if your original sale is renewed by that business. This means that the original business is your permanent client and can be a source of future revenue for many years to come.
  • There is potential for this position to be long term and MIGHT lead to a salaried position in the future.
  • There is no guarantee that this position will be long term. Services can be ended at any time, for any reason by either party.
  • The laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are controlling with the venue in Centre County, Pennsylvania.
  • Federal employment rules are controlling so that the IISOH does not discriminate in hiring for this position based upon any protected class including, but not limited to race, religion, nationality, gender, sex, etc. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.

Additional Information:

The IISOH strictly follows the rules of the Internal Revenue Service. There is an important difference between a "donation" and "advertising income."

DONATIONS to the IISOH, a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation, are tax deductible. We are permitted to "acknowledge" a donor with a "thank you" that identifies the donor, but we are not permitted to endorse the donor's products or services. An acknowledgement cannot include any prices, coupons, etc., just a "thank you" to an identifiable donor.

ADVERTISING income is considered to be "unrelated business income." The IISOH must pay tax on the $250/$225 advertising income that we receive, so we do not get to keep all the money. The benefit to businesses, however, is considerable. First, the advertising is a business expense that is deductible on business tax returns. Second, the IISOH is permitted to endorse the business, its products and its services. This means that, in addition to the advertisement on our website, the IISOH can distribute the company's business cards, fliers, brochures and coupons at events and functions that we attend if they provide us with such material.. Although we will receive less money and pay taxes, we believe that a long term relationship with the business community will better benefit both parties in the long term. THEREFORE:
  • We are permitted to, and would like to, endorse a business when they place an advertisement on our website. In addition to the acknowledgement page and the active link, we reserve the right to endorse that business by also placing additional small ads linked to the business website on any of our web pages, unless the business asks us not to do so.

We are grateful for every business that gives us support.
We are happy to support those businesses, too.

PAYMENTS for advertisements as follows:

Donations are tax deductible
Federal Tax ID# 41-2041155

Advertising is deductible to businesses as an expense,
see your accountant or tax preparer for details.

The IISOH is a Pennsylvania Non-profit, Educational, Literary and Research corporation
under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

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