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This is not our building -- it is the ancient Greek temple of Artemis at Ephesus.
We are thinking in terms of building our Library and Museum complex in this Greek style.

The search is on.

We have begun looking for land in central Pennsylvania to build a campus for the Institute.
Our plan is described in more detail below.

The IISOH has two major divisions -- the Library and the Museum.
The Board of Directors is seeking benefactor(s) to endow each division with a $30 million donation.
Endowments will also be sought for the Theater in the amount of $30 million and
the replica of the ancient stadium of Olympia for $10 million.
The benefactor(s) will then be offered the opportunity to name the Library,
Museum, Theater or stadium, subject to the final approval of the Board of Directors.

For details on creating ENDOWMENTS -- click here

Our plans are to construct facilities on a campus approximately 300 acres or more in size.
This will allow us have room for expansion in the decades to come as we increase the endowment and add sports facilities to the educational and research programs. Sports fields are desirable in order to teach through participation and play. If we have a baseball field we can teach the history of baseball by playing a game using 1876 rules for 3 innings, then playing by modern rules for 3 innings. In the basement of the Museum we could have a bowling alley from the 1800's where the pins have to be set by hand, and right next to it have a modern bowling alley that is fully automated. Our visitors can go bowling either way. Consider the possibilities for each and every sport -- this means a lot of space is needed.

PHASE 1....
- Acquire land in central Pennsylvania.
- Construct a library building of approximately 25,000 square feet with room for expansion when needed.
- Construct a Museum of approximately 100,000 square feet with room for expansion when needed. It is anticipated that expansion will be needed rather quickly. In time the Museum will be rather large.
- Construct a Theater with stage, auditorium, meeting rooms, conference rooms, media center, and dance studios.
- Construct a restaurant with an outdoor cafe.
- Construct the sculpture gardens which are adjacent to the restaurant, Library, Museum and Theater.
- Layout Sculpture Garden master plan to be followed throughout the campus.
- Layout and complete jogging path, cycling route, Swedish parcourse.

We are undecided at this time how many buildings this plan will require.
One plan calls for a single large building with the Library, Museum and Theatre included.
Another plan calls for seperate buildings, each one able to expand over time -- as needed.
The restaurant and outdoor cafe will be a separate building -- set away from the other buildings with a large outdoor patio area and playgrounds.

PHASE 2....
- Construct outdoor sports fields and facilities including areas for baseball, football, soccer, rugby, cricket, tennis, basketball, lacrosse, field hockey, track & field, archery, 3 hole golf course, miniature golf course, beach volleyball and other outdoor sports.
- Construct playground areas with both historical and contemporary equiptment from manufacturers worldwide.
- Construct a replica of the ancient Olympic stadium at Olympia, Greece.

This stadium is a simple, bowl-shaped track 192 meters long with sloping grass sides and no seats.

PHASE 3....
- Construct outdoor research area for testing of new products, safety, etc.
- Construct indoor/outdoor swimming pool and diving facility.
- Construct Indoor ice rink for skating and hockey.
- Construct Indoor sports facility for wrestling, boxing, fencing, volleyball, gymnastics, weight lifting, badminton, team handball, racquetball/handball/squash, basketball and other indoor sports. HOWEVER, an alternative plan exists to construct separate buildings such as COMBAT SPORTS, BALL SPORTS, GYMNASTICS/WEIGHT TRAINING and RACQUET SPORTS.

- No facilities are being planned for winter sports such as skiing, mountain sports, winter sports such as bobsled.
- No facilities are being planned for water sports such as rowing, sailing & canoeing.
- No off-site facilities are being planned.
- No automobile or motorbike sports facilities.

However the IISOH is intentionally organized and designed to be flexible in future planning.
Anything related to its mission is possible -- if funding is provided.
THEREFORE, these sports are permitted to be included in future plans if such space for facilities
is acquired. The IISOH can have more than one property but that is not the current plan.

Funding for every sports facility and program will come from donors and benefactors.
Permanent endowments will be established for each sport or subject area.

To see a list of subject areas click on this link...
Go to the SUBJECT AREAS page to view the many areas we would like to endow.

This corporation is organized as a LIBRARY and MUSEUM
devoted to the academic subject areas of....
History of Sport
Physical Education
Sport in Art
Ancient and Modern Olympic Games
and all related subject areas as determined by the Board of Directors

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